15 Things You Should NOT Refrigerate… Ever!


15 Things You Should NOT Refrigerate… EVER!

Our good friends over at www.goodshomedesign.com was kind enough to put together this list. I knew a few of these items should not be refrigerated. Some of them took me by surprise. So I thought, “Gee, if I didn’t know all of these, I wonder how many of my loyal LHWP fans didn’t know them either?”

So here’s the list. Let me know by commenting on this post how many you already knew!

Secrets in the kitchen are worth telling if they can help everybody use ingredients at their maximum potential. With technology present in our lives at a much higher level than in the past, you might tend to overuse it in your relation with food. This list of 15 things you should not refrigerate is thought to allow you for a better use of a variety of ingredients.


1. Hot sauce will lose some of its proprieties if kept in the cooler. The hardened contents just won’t work as good. Deposit about any hot sauce you buy from the store away from any sunny or hot place and whip it out from the pantry every time you need to spice up your meal.

Hot sauce

2. Potatoes are best kept in a paper bag somewhere in the pantry. That’s because all kinds of potatoes (red, white, fingerling etc.) become moist if preserved in plastic bags. Mold is also a cause of concern in the latter case, so make sure paper is your first choice of storing potatoes.


3. Bread doesn’t handle very well in the fridge as it dries out quickly. A recommended method is storing it in a dry place. The temperature should be at room levels.


4. Onions are something to be extra careful about, because they don’t just need a bag (or any other medium) that allows circulation, but also will rot away if you keep it close to potatoes.


5. Tomatoes are fine in the fridge, if you want them to be tasteless. But if you want them to ripen faster, put them in a paper bag. If not, away from the refrigerator and out of plastic bags to prevent getting them mealy.


6. Avocados can be stored in the fridge only after they are ripe; and up to a week so. Also, don’t cut it into slices because you will only make it possible to allow browning much quicker.

7. Coffee changes its taste when refrigerated. This happens because of condensation, so if you want your coffee beans or grounds to be as flavored as they come in the pack, store it in the pantry. Make sure the container is kept airtight though.


8. Garlic can be stored for months, two to be more precise. Mold and loss of flavor are the main effects of refrigerating garlic. This applies to the whole garlic, but minced one can be kept in the fridge if used ASAP.


9. Honey shouldn’t be stored at cold temperatures because it will cause it to crystalize. The great thing about this awesome food is that it can be kept in plain air in the pantry, because it isn’t processed at all and found like that in its natural form.

Winter Squashes

11. Melons will be more flavored if they are kept on the counter. This way the antioxidants found in the fruit will be preserved more intact. But only if you don’t cut it beforehand. After the slicing has occurred, you have up to 4 days to eat it while storing it in the fridge.


12. Oils can be kept placed in the refrigerator if it’s nut oils involved. If not, the place recommended for oils is in the pantry so they can’t get thick or cloudy in the process.


13. Fruits will lose a bit from their flavor if refrigerated. Berries, peaches or nectarines are perfect if kept on the counter and consumed when ripe. Enjoy!

Non Foods

14. Batteries  shouldn’t be kept in the fridge contrary to the common misconception that it should somehow improve their performances. Actually, the extreme temperatures will only make the batteries work badly.

15. Nail Polish will modify its component chemicals if kept in the fridge. So if you want your nail polish to work at proper parameters don’t store it at cool temperatures and under sunlight but at room temperature and in shaded places.

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