Are you on medications? You really need to read this!


Just had a rather disturbing chat with one of the employees at our local pharmacy. I took Cody’s prescription in for his Adderall. It has to be walked in to the pharmacy since it’s an amphetamine. Okay, not a problem. My daughter and I decided to wander around the store and wait for it to be filled. Over the PA system, they call me back to the drop-off window. I’m thinking “Now what?”

Apparently, Big Brother in the form of the DEA has now not only put caps on how soon patients can refill their scripts, but they are also limiting how many of each drugs the pharmacies can order every month. I MAY be able to get his prescription refilled later this week, depending on whether the pharmacy’s order for that particular drug is approved by the DEA. Keep in mind, Adderall is the main thing keeping my son’s behavior under any kind of control.

The employee then went on to tell me that they are even doing this with pain medications, and that many pharmacies, as a result, are not even carrying these medications because of the new rules. What about diabetics? Is there a similar rule on insulin?

While I am concerned about my ability to get my son’s medication, I can’t help but worry what else is going to happen to the patients who need these types of meds just to get through their daily routines.

Say, for example, that Pharmacy A has 30 customers who take Vicodin for pain. What if the DEA only permits the pharmacy to carry just enough to supply these 30 patients? Then say another long-standing customer of Pharmacy A is prescribed Vicodin for the very first time. Is this person going to have to go hunt for another pharmacy for just this one medication?

Does the DEA really think that these pharmacies are dealing drugs or something? I’m sorry but this government oversight is getting to be overkill. Next, Uncle Sam will be euthanizing anyone who is mentally or developmentally disabled or not in 100% perfect physical health.

I truly fear for our country…

Let me know what you think! :)

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