Blog Housekeeping…. Done!

You may have noticed that I did a little re-organizing of our categories here at Live Healthy With Patty. Hope everyone likes the changes. I am trying to make it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for.

Love you all!!!

My gameplan for today…..
1. Organize my blog categories to be cleaner and easier to find goodies  DONE! LOL
2. Take pics of more jewelry components and get them posted in my Holiday Clearance Sale group. I have some killer deals rolling on a huge variety of stuff in there! Help me declutter my house! I’m tired of looking at this stuff! No reasonable offers refused!
3. Find more yummy recipes to share with everyone 
4. Drink plenty of water!
5. Make lunch for Christina and me
6. Start typing up my recipes for an electronic cookbook that I hope to offer everyone in the future.
7. Run a ton of errands, including taking Cody’s science fair project out to his school, get his prescription, run to the post office and whatever else I can think of.
8. Do some housecleaning since I can’t afford a maid. *sigh*
9. Drink plenty of water!
10. Fix dinner
11. Work on the afghan I am making Cody for Christmas. I’m about half done and it’s crunch time, baby!!

Gotta make sure I keep my cell phone ringer on so Ben can let me know if he got his deer. Hope he gets one today – we need to fill the freezer!

Just another day in the life….. LOL


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