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Use this site to calculate your calories:
As you are losing, your caloric intake WILL change…so when you lose 5-10 pounds, remember to recalculate and see where you should be.

For journaling use ~ My fitness pal will be a great way to journal your food intake and monitor what you need to eat. It lets you enter your water and exercise. Remember that you need to eat more when you exercise so use this application daily and follow for best results. It’s FREE from your computer and smart phones have a free application also.

Calories Needed for Goal Weight

Activity Calorie Calculator

BMI Calculator

Find out how many calories you burn (basal Metabolic Rate)

Daily Caloric Expenditure

Find out how many calories are in your favorite foods

Here’s a rundown of about how many calories a 140-lb. person would burn in half an hour while doing fun warm-weather activities…
Bicycling (at a medium pace): 255 calories
Golfing (carrying your clubs!): 140 calories
Playing beach volleyball: 255 calories
Playing Frisbee (casually, not competitively): 95 calories
Playing tennis: 220 calories
Snorkeling: 160 calories
Swimming (leisurely, not laps): 190 calories

*Compare these to only 32 calories burned in half an hour of watching tv.


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