DIY Easter Basket out of Yarn or String



If you’re not sure about how to improve the interior design of your home for a festive occasion, you ought to start with some smaller pieces of decorations. Just try to fashion this adorable DIY Easter Basket out of Yarn String. It will look perfect on a counter, filled with sweets or eggs. In order to complete this project, make sure you have the following list of materials and follow the instructions below:

• a balloon;
• a medium size vase;
• some yarn;
• glue;
• water;
• brush;
• blue cardboard;
• a pair of scissors;
• blue ribbon;
• colored pencil;
• marker;





Blow out the balloon to the size you want your basket to be. Place it on the vase and begin putting the string of yarn through a bowl of glue and water mixture before attaching it to the surface of the balloon. Use a brush to dip in the mixture and onto the string after it’s onto the balloon. Leave the yarn to harden for a couple of hours or overnight. Pop the balloon with a needle and turn the basket of yarn upside down. Cut the cardboard into the shape of a bunny’s head and paws. Draw the eyes, nose and whiskers on it. Stick the head onto the back of the yarn-basket and the paws inside. Check the photo to see if your project fits. Then, tie some blue ribbon bow around the basket. Glue one onto the head of the bunny as well. Done!

Our fairy garden… a work in progress!

I have wanted a fairy garden for some time now. The whole family is on board now with the project!

As we started brainstorming, I mentioned to my husband that I would love to have a Celtic-themed one.  So here’s some pics as we start placing things. It’s about 24 inches square. Ben made the stand and the container. The stand is pine and the box itself  is rough hewn cedar. The Alyssum will be a pinkish purple.



The beginning of our fairy garden. Alyssum has been planted in the 2 pots and in the center of the garden. I’m still working on the houses and the inhabitants. Can’t wait for the plants to grow and fill in. The hardest part was finding Celtic stuff. Wait til you see the Father Christmas that we found and Ben painted like a a druid.




The little patio features rough sand with a lot of pink. We got a 6 inch cheap plastic watering tray and poured the rough sand in it. Ben used some of his epoxy and “glued” it together. The little pond actually has some of my drilled stones from my jewelry supplies in the bottom and those are epoxied in place too…


Our Green Man “fountain”  Ben was upset that it wasn’t an actual working fountain, which he didn’t realize until it arrived in the mail. I told him it’s fine and that I love it just the way it is. More Alyssum is planted in the two small pots.


Here’s the left side of the garden. It features a Celtic cross and some Celtic stepping stones, which will lead to one of the fairy houses. Ben also plans to make a meandering stream out of epoxy, which will be placed between the cross and the stepping stones. Then it’s off to find the perfect bridge to put over it. :)

 I have some ceramic whiskey barrels to go in it too. The houses I am working on are both ceramic – a tree house and a fairy house. Those are still in the process of being painted. Then a good coat of lacquer will be applied.  Just not enough hours in the day.


Here’s another shot of the right side of the garden, with the pond, one of our inhabitants and the patio we made. Again, a few stepping stones will lead to another fairy home.

A couple notes of caution about using ceramics in an outdoor fairy garden: You must seal the ceramics annually with lacquer so your paint will not be damaged by the elements. Also, be sure to bring them in before the temperature drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so they don’t crack.

I will post more pics as we place our other inhabitants and their homes. I feel like a little kid at Christmas!

Container Gardens to Save Money

After going to the grocery store the other day and just about having a heart attack at the price of milk (2% was $3.99 a gallon) and ground beef (80% lean was $4.39 a pound), I came home and realized that we needed to make some changes to help with our grocery bill. We live on my husband’s income and a little from my businesses. Now we don’t have enough land to raise our own cattle, so we would have to make some changes in other areas to free up money for meat and milk.

high price of beef

But what?

Last year, we began growing our own herbs and jalapeno peppers on our porch, but that will only get you so far. After talking with some friends and doing a little research, I realized that we would need to add to our “garden” in the way of veggies. We have very limited space in our yard, so a conventional garden is out of the question. When my husband came home from work, I told him what I had in mind. He jumped on it! LOL

container garden mine 2

Here’s our onions sets.

We have a beautiful large porch with lots of room for container pots. Ben went to Lowe’s and picked up some containers that will rest over the top rail of our porch. We love potatoes, so we knew we had to add that to our list of wants. Along with radishes, onions, carrots, oregano, spearmint, basil, and of course, some flowers to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

container garden mine 4

Our potato nursery and some chicks and hens that I am trying to bring back.

We are using large flower pots for our garden, but really, you can use anything.

container garden mine 3

Here’s some of our bell pepper and herb starts. (Use your imagination, folks! We just planted seeds over the weekend. LOL)

Your imagination is your only limit! You could make a multi-level garden out of pallets, flower pots (as shown here), even just planting directly into a bag of potting soil!

container garden burlap sack

How about using a burlap sack as your container?

container garden colander

Or an old colander?

container garden drawer

 Don’t throw away that old dresser! Recycle the drawers!

container garden galvanized tub

 A galvanized tub will make an amazing container and what a conversation starter!

container garden side of house

 Really pressed for space? Check this out! All you need is wall space!

container garden soil bag

 The ultimate in weed-free growing! Just put the seeds directly into the potting soil bag.

container garden tier 2

Another idea using dresser drawers!

container garden tiered



How To Make A Terra-Cotta Herb Tower



Gardening should be something both easy to make and pleasing to the eye. Today you will find out how to make a beautiful Terra-Cotta Tower or `tree` of herbs. It’s very useful for every gardener to have them all in a convenient place, and also makes the space and design so much appealing. In order to achieve this project, you will need to have the following items:

• five planters (terra-cotta is recommended);
• a soilless potting mix;
• and a bunch of assorted herbs;

The secret behind this is using some of the pots in an upside down manner. Start by placing the large planter where you will want your tree to be; it’s hard to move it afterward. Turn a smaller pot upside down and center it in the large one. The distance between the two rings of the pots should be 6 inches. Pour soilless mix in this gap. Do the same with another couple of planters, this time a bit smaller than the first two. The space should be 4 inches. A final (fifth) small pot will go on top. Plant your herbs in the soil and marvel at what you have achieved in less than an hour’s work. Congratulations, you now have a great tower of herbs!


How to Make a Garden Fountain



A garden shouldn’t be just useful (i.e. to provide space to exercise, or to supply fresh air and oxygen), but also appealing to the eye. And water is an important element in the aesthetics world. Water gives you a feeling of relaxation only by hearing or watching it flow in the garden. If you want to improve your garden design with that ambiance, here is a

short tutorial on how to build a garden fountain. Before starting the actual work make sure you have settled upon a place to build it. Here is a list of materials, mostly resistant to water, you will need to have to complete you very own garden fountain:

• a large decorative outdoor pot;
• a deep pot;
• a pot;
• a pump and copper pipe;
• a valve;
• some waterproof adhesive;
• river stones and gravel;
• an electrical cable;
• PVC pipes;
• extension and a power source near the small fountains;
• a cutter;
• a pair of scissors;
• a drill;
• (optional) some paint;

Start by digging the spot for positioning the basin. We recommend the hole to be slightly larger than the basin in order to also position the PVC tube that isolates the power cord. You could place a few river stones on the bottom of the bowl, for support. Then, put the pump in the middle of the container and connect it to the pipe. Install the valve as well. Insert the cable through the PVC pipe in order to isolate it.



Now, you could either mount the decorative bowl and upper water tank or create a support from stones by gluing them with a waterproof adhesive, obviously after you punched openings for the copper pipe.

Fill the basin with water and the valve will be open. Stick river stones or other decorative items around the fountain, to hide the PVC pipe that insulates the cables and give the fountain a more natural aspect. Make sure the main electricity works perfectly before finishing, avoiding future accidents. Turn on the fountain and there you have it: a pleasant project for making your garden a bit more special! Add water from time to time if you notice some is leaking (or just evaporates). Also, feel encouraged to make small food containers for the birds that the fountain will definitely attract at some point.


DIY Easter Egg Basket



This year prepare the Easter decorations in time, instead of leaving them to the last day. If you want to make it even more special, make the decorations yourself. For instance, build this next Easter egg basket, out of woven paper. You don’t need to be an expert in crafting, but you will need a bit of skills and practice to make the basket. The great thing about is project is that you can use old newspaper or any other materials you already have at home. The supplies you will need are:

• woven paper or old newspaper;
• glue;
• scissors;
• egg;
• tray;
• acrylic paint;

Place a sheet of paper on your working surface this will be the base of your basket. Then take the egg tray and place it on the paper. Start making the sides of the basket, out of the newspaper. Roll the newspaper as shown in the picture and make the sides. Then add the rolled newspaper to the basket to create grids and start braiding them one into each other to make the pattern of the basket. If you get lost in the process, just follow the pictures. When your basket is done, you can paint it any color you like. Fill it with eggs and add some natural grass as decoration.

Courtesy of our friends at


DIY Bike Rim Trellis

There are so many ways you could help the environment and also help yourself in the process. Today, we suggest you try and make a rim trellis for your garden with a couple of bike rims which you grab from a recycled bike. If you wonder what a garden trellis is, will describe it as a structure that helps support plants. It allows different kind of plants to grow in a certain position tied to a trellis or climb properly on the structure if that’s the case. Now, to make this DIY bike rim trellis, you will need the following:

• two recycled bike rims;
• wire;
• garden twine;
• upright metal bar;


To make such a device is an easy task you will be done with it in only one afternoon. Use the bar to connect the pair of bike rims together. With one end stuck in the ground, begin tying wire and/or garden twin from one rim to the other. Make sure they are tight, because the structure shouldn’t come apart at the first blow of the wind. And finally, place the plants at the base of each wire. They will grow nicely upward and you will feel so proud seeing you recycled and cared for your garden.


How to Make Spring Flower with Wire and Nail Polish


Create some magical looking flowers with some nail polish. Surely, every lady has a nice collection of nail polish at home, so this project will be cheap as you don’t need to make a big investment and buy lots of supplies. You will need some crafting wire to create the frame of the flower. Then comes the most exciting step, creating the color of the flowers. This is a rather slow process, so you will need a lot of patience. And the following materials:

• a bunch of bottles of nail polish;
• some strings of wire;
• a couple of wire cutters;




Before starting though, you should put some newspapers on your working surface as you will probably be making a bit of a mess. Start painting and cover the edges of the frame. Fill the petals with nail polish and try and hold the flower in such a way so the nail polish won’t fall on your working surface. Then wait until the nail polish dries, wait 20-30 minutes and apply another layer. Let the seconds layer dry too. You can also add glitter or apply some small decorative elements, such as pearls on the petals. You can also create jewelry with this technique, such as brooches or pendants as they will be a really nice gift for someone special.

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DIY Wine Bottle Rack Made From Coffee Cans



Wine is not a trend of the rich or even medium-wealthy people. Lots of people are beginning to show interest and be careful at what kind and particular type of beverages they drink, especially wine. It was naturally from this perspective that people will eventually invest in other materials that complement the habit of enjoying a glass of wine with friends.But again, you don’t have to have much money in order to indulge in such activities. That’s why this DIY wine bottle stand made from cans is one project we were obliged to share. Not to mention it can improve your home’s interior design if placed in the right spot. Here is what you need to do and have:

• a cardboard or cloth;
• a can opener;
• a can of white spray paint;
• a couple of cans of brightly color spray paint;
• a small tube of glue;
• a dozen cans of tomato cans;

First, make sure your cans are clean of labels and other prints. Maybe give them a wash and leave them to dry for a while before working with them in this project. You can find all instructions in the link below…

DIY Easter Egg Planters


This next Easter decoration will bring joy into your home with its colors and playfulness. It is an Easter egg planter that you can place anywhere you want, but the ideal place for it is one where there is plenty of sunlight. Involve your children in the decorating process and make the decoration together with their help. To make this cute project you will need:

• wheat grass seeds;
• soil (organic);
• egg crate;
• gardening scissor;
• halves of egg shells;
• food coloring;
• vinegar;
• freezer paper;
• painter’s tape;
• puncher used for scrapbooks (any shape you like);
• newspaper;

Take the egg crates and plant the wheat grass in them. You should do this a week before wanting to make the egg planter… You can find all details in the link below…