Stefanie’s First Trim Down Update!


Stefanie N. reports this as her first update since starting Trim Down Fiber Plus+:

“Just wanted to give everyone an update since being on TRIMdown Fiber PLUS+…I picked up my bottle on the 30th of June with Janet and I got on the scale this morning and lost 3# since then. I have not really watched what I have eaten but I am full faster and do see some energy but because of my schedule and working long days (15.5 hours) I am not over exhausted like I used to be. I am tracking my steps taken and trying to increase them daily until I can get on a walking schedule.”  July 5, 2014

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Ann’s Love Affair with Trim Down Fiber Plus+

Here’s what Ann has to report about her experience so far with Trim Down Fiber Plus+:

“Today will be my third day on TDFP+….I was amazed last night. I sat down to eat dinner and had my plate filled with the normal serving for me and wasunable to finish the meal. I left about ¼ of what I had on my plate…..I am taking the TDFP with 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before eating and then drinking 16 ounces with the meal and I did the same with another product that I used but never did really have the full feeling….I just stopped myself. I made a rule for me to leave the last two bites of each item, which worked sometimes and other times I would eat it all If this is what happens for me on just the second day I see a lifetime love affair happening between me and TDGP+”

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