Change Your Life Now with Pampered Chef!!



I have been in direct sales for 28 years and never really made much money. I felt like I was spending more than I was making. Until August of last year. A good friend of mine showed me her paycheck from Pampered Chef and I just about fell out of my chair. I said “Yeah, but how many in-home parties and vendor events are you doing to make that kind of money?” Her answer? “None!” She works her business 100% on Facebook. I joined her team and haven’t regretted it at all! Since August 2016, I have given myself a permanent raise, promoted twice and I am very very close to a third promotion. I have sold over $17,700 in KITCHEN products!!! All on Facebook using our team’s proven successful online party technique! If you can follow a step-by-step plan, you will make money with us!! No reinventing the wheel here!! While Pampered Chef is an established company, there is NOT a lot of competition on Facebook! And by doing virtual parties, you can have hostesses anywhere in the US! Email me if you would like more info!

Let me know what you think! :)

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