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Patty’s DIY Wind Chimes

I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself right now and I don’t say that very often! LOL

I purchased some goodies from Auntie’s Beads¬†and I was sitting there at my kitchen table looking at all these beautiful beads and charms…. Should I make a bracelet? Necklace? Rain chain? Then I got this idea. Why not make a round wind chime?

I purchased a 7″ strand of Cherry Quartz Flat Drop Gemstones and some Tree of Life charms, along with some other goodies, which I will be using in other projects. I also used some tumbled and drilled rose quartz and large Celtic knot charms.

My husband makes fishing lures out of cedar and I sweet talked him into cutting me a round piece with 16 holes drilled in it. (Thanks, honey!) Using monofilament 8-lb-test fishing line, I put one gemstone or charm on each line and fed both ends of the line up through cedar and then a pearl. I knotted the line three times to ensure it would not come loose and went on to the next one. I also changed the length on each line so it was longer than its neighbor.

This really was a pretty easy project. I have had several friends ask me to make some more! LOL

Be sure to check out Auntie’s Beads for all your bead and charm needs! They have a wonderful line of products!

Let me know what you think! :)

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