Crunches, Sit-Ups, Squats: Do the Moves Ever Change?



Ever wonder why exercises generally look the same, with just slight variations? That’s because when it comes down to the basic paths of motion your muscles follow, there are really only a few directions they can go. So a squat will always follow the same path, as well as a curl, a press and so forth.

The basic workouts haven’t changed much. What you should focus on is the sequence of the different moves. Be sure to start with beginning exercises, then make your way to more advanced moves. And pay attention to the muscles you’re strengthening. For example, you should first tone the most superficial stomach muscle (the rectus abdominus) before you start strengthening your deepest abs muscle (the transverse abdominus).

Here’s another tip: Perform any cardio and strength training before breakfast. It’ll help rev up your metabolism and optimize calorie-burn throughout the day. Good luck!

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