1) GARLIC- blocks weight gain & wards off Lyme disease {aim to include 1/2 clove in your daily diet}.2) BROCCOLI SPROUTS- lowers your risk of eye diseases {add to your sandwiches & salads}.

3) BLUEBERRIES- are sight-savers too, they contain anthocyanins that protect the retina {aim for 1 cup 3x weekly}.

4) BLACK TEA- drinking three 8-oz. cups daily cuts your risk of heart attack 11%.

5) POTATOES- white potatoes relaxes artery walls, reducing blood pressure {make sure you boil or bake for full effects}

6) APPLES- apples contain special polyphenois, that steadies blood sugar & lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes {5 a week is the goal}.

7) CARROTS- consuming raw & cooked can send your overall risk of developing malignant tumors plunging 33%, a compound {found only in carrots} stimulates the body that fight cancer {aim is up to 5 per week}.

8) CITRUS FRUITS- researchers have discovered that limonoid–a compound found in citrus fruit–can lower your risk of developing a wide range of cancers.

9) RASPBERRIES- if you have a bout of diarrhea, drink a raspberry smoothie.

10) RYE BREAD- is good for constipation

Let me know what you think! :)

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