Give new life to an old chimenea or outdoor fireplace

We have a nice container garden growing. Bell peppers, habanero peppers, potatoes, radishes, carrots, onions, lettuce, basil, sage, oregano, spearmint, butterfly weed, lavender, and Lantana. Two miniature gardens: Ben’s gnome garden and the Celtic fairy garden. I think we’re done planting… for a while. Although….. I do have a nice big flat pot tray that we could do something with. Maybe another miniature habitat. I also have a large wicker picnic basket that I am considering making into a garden. 

Check this out….

This is actually the bottom of the old chimenea. The mesh was beyond saving, so rather than junking the whole thing, we saved the top and bottom.

Ben decided that since I have a fairy garden, he wanted a gnome garden. Looks good, doesn’t it?

gnome garden 4262014



The top half of our chimenea given new life as a planter. Bottom part is actually the old top of the chimenea flipped upside down and planted with habanero peppers. We then turned one terra cotta pot upside down and attached another one right side up. Top pot has Alyssum in it. This is the Alyssum that originally was in my fairy garden. It needs full sun, which it wasn’t getting in my fairy habitat. So we transplanted it. The idea here is to have the Alyssum, which is a ground cover, grow and flow over the edge of the top pot. So we will have the pepper plants reaching up and the Alyssum spilling down.

chimenea garden

Be creative with your outdoor gardens. Think outside the box when it comes to containers.



Let me know what you think! :)

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