Grow Candy Canes!


This is so cute!

Wanna do something magical for the kids???
Grow some candy canes!!!
The elf on the shelf brought Anthony the seeds yesterday morning, with a note telling him they were magic beans and not to taste them, or they would be ruined, and plant them in sugar at night time for a surprise in the morning!!!
You don’t need an elf on the shelf to do this, anything works

Things needed>>
Green tic tac candy
A bowl
Sugar to fill the bowl
Candy canes

Fill bowl with sugar and have him press the seeds into sugar, making sure they are covered. When they go to bed, remove seeds, and place candy canes in the bowl. Make sure to get rid of the seeds!!!
Next morning, SURPRISE!!!!!!


`*.¸.*✻✿ ✻¸.*making a difference — one pound at a time *✻✿



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