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Hey everyone….

With COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) really beginning to get traction here in the U.S. and schools being closed, I have been thinking about how I can help those who aren’t able to get food. So many kids are going to go without breakfast and lunch that they normally be getting at school.

So I am starting a fundraiser where all net proceeds will be donated to Feeding America. For every decal you purchase at $12, Feeding America will receive $4. Each decal is approximately 6″ x 4.5″. They are cut out of white vinyl that will be able to stand up to the elements. (The “The Scarlet Maiden” is just my watermark and will not appear on your decal.)

Select from the typical image of our flag or the reversed flag for the passenger side of your car. Why should the flag be reversed on that side?

When displaying the flag, the blue field of stars should always be in the highest position of honor.  So if you are displaying the flag on a wall (horizontally or vertically) the blue field of stars will always be in the upper left.  When displayed on a person or vehicle the FRONT is the highest position of honor.

army uniform

Army Regulation 670-1 states, “the American flag patch is to be worn, right or left shoulder, so that “the star field faces forward, or to the flag’s own right. When worn in this manner, the flag is facing to the observer’s right, and gives the effect of the flag flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward.”

Front facing (Field of stars on the left) $12 each 

Reverse facing (Field of stars on the right) $12 each  

You can order here:

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for production and shipment. I will be making these as the order comes in.

Thank you for your support of this fundraiser!!! <3



Let me know what you think! :)

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