Human Pin Cushion Day


Today is what I officially call “Human Pin Cushion Day”. I had three allergy shots, which I get every Friday for the next THREE years. I also had blood drawn for my fibro doc. He’s checking inflammation levels. I also need to get my HLA-B27 test done, but apparently I need a pre-auth for that since it’s a genetic test.

Our 17-year-old daughter just recently tested positive for HLA-B27, which is a genetic indicator for Ankylosing Spondylitis. AS is a form of arthritis which affects the tendons and ligaments where they attach to bone. With it being a genetic disorder, my fibro doc wants to see if I have it too, since some of my pain doesn’t “jive” with fibro pain. Hey, I am overachiever, folks!

So on Monday, I get to call his office and let them know I need that processed, along with the pre-auth for my wrist splints for my Carpal Tunnel to process. I also need to call and get more counseling appointments scheduled for boychild. So Monday is dubbed “Phone Secretary Day”.

I also need to finish that gorgeous purple, teal and black Jeep keychain and get it shipped. I also have an order for a vinyl decal of Sleipnir to cut and ship. Final coat of epoxy needs to go on my “On a Dark Desert Highway” cup so I can get it up for sale.

PLUS, I have had an idea for a painting rolling around my head for a week now. If it looks good on a canvas, I am most likely doing the same scene on a cup, which will be the first time I do a cup in that way.

Need to get more jewelry made and put on the site. I have more of my nature photography to add as well. Plus, make up some graphics for our upcoming Valentines Day Sale.

I also have a shadow box which has been sitting here staring at me that I need to just jump in and do. I’m thinking a mountain scene with lights tucked in like a campfire. Not completely sure yet on that one.

I need to stay healthy and pain-free for a few days to get this all done. And a clone would be good. 😆

Busy busy busy….



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