Introducing our new series about essential oils….


I am proud to announce that “Live Healthy With Patty” will now also feature a very good friend of mine as a featured author. Please welcome Stevi White, who is an independent representative for Young Living. Stevi will be sharing how essential oils are so very beneficial to your health. Her posts can be found in the “Natural Healing” category. ├é┬áPlease visit her site if you are interested in using essential oils in your home. She has some amazing products!

Here’s some info on Young Living:

Young Living is based in Lehi, Utah and they have farms all over the world where they grow and harvest the plants used for their essential oils. This really and truly sets them apart from the rest because they can monitor how the plants are grown from the time they are in the soil and cultivated until they’re harvested and distilled to be sealed in the bottle. They pride themselves on their quality and purity from their seed to seal process. Many essential oils out there (a lot of ones that you see in health food stores) say 100% pure on the bottle, but then on the back it says, “do not ingest,” or “do not apply on skin.” This is a HUGE red flag to me that it is not pure. The regulations for labeling only require a “portion” of the ingredients to be 100% pure so some companies can be very deceptive with their labeling.

All of Young Living’s oils can be diffused, inhaled, and used topically along with several that can used internally! I do believe God gave us all we need in the earth to be well. I would never advise someone to stop taking their medicines or seeing their doctor. That is a personal choice between you and your doctor. I just am very open to alternative methods based on what I have experienced and read about through Young Living’s oils. They also have many other supplements and self-care products now as well!

Young Living has a total of 160 essential oils.


Let me know what you think! :)

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