It’s baaaaaack! My Home Business Planner is ready for 2020!


The My Home Business Life Planner is back and better than ever for 2020!

Having been in direct sales for 30 years and blogging since 2013, I have found most planners on the market cover either direct sales OR blogging well and none cover crafters’ needs. And none have ever been covered in one planner… until now. 

I initially created this planner for my personal use. It worked so well at fulfilling my needs that I decided to make it available to my fellow direct sales, crafting and blogging friends. 

Here’s a listing of all the pages included besides your monthly calendar pages:

This downloadable planner has one copy for each type of page. You can print off just the pages that meet your needs AND you can print off as many copies needed of the pages that you DO use. Why waste your ink on pages that you won’t use? 

Learn more by watching the video I made when this planner first launched!

Grab yours today!

Let me know what you think! :)

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