Just call me Stalker Mom

Ya just gotta love when plans go to hell. 😆 Boychild took his ACT today at his home high school. He was supposed to be done by noon, so I made plans with him to pick him up behind the school. Less traffic that way. Y’all… I wound up sitting there for 40 minutes, wondering if he came out the front door instead. So I drove to the front. Nope. Call girlchild to let her know what’s up and that, if he called home, to remind him that we were meeting out back. That was 12:15.

By 12:30, I’m getting annoyed/worried. So I call the office and told them where he’s testing and asked if they could check on him. The lady puts me through to the librarian’s voice-mail rather than the intervention office. So I left a quick message with my cell number. At this point, I’m almost in panic mode. Wait 10 more minutes and call back. She puts me through to intervention. They go check on him after telling me he’s allowed triple the standard time to test. Ummm, okay. Didn’t know that.

So he may not be anywhere near done and I’m sitting here in my Jeep in my sweats and a dirty-ass ponytail feeling like a stalker cuz all the teachers are going in and out if the building staring at me like I’m a villain. She calls me back to tell me he’s done and sending him out.

In the middle of all this, Ben texts me to ask if we’re going grocery shopping after we take girlchild to work. She’s working more hours this week because someone there tested positive for the rona, but couldn’t bother to tell anyone they couldn’t smell or taste until they had worked a full shift. Moonbiscuits, I tell ya. *sigh*

Did I mention that both girlchild and I still need to shower yet? In 2 hours?

So I guess I won’t be working more on my follow-up tool and my new party template until later today or tomorrow. But that’s okay… life happens and family comes first. There’s just some chaos you can’t plan for. That’s why my schedule is never set completely in stone and can flex… because it’s just another day here in GrahamLand.

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#wineineedwine #youcantmakethisshitup #idonotgetpaidenoughforthisshit

Let me know what you think! :)

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