Natural Disaster Relief Fundraiser



In addition to my Pampered Chef fundraiser, we are making and selling chain stitch bracelets for $1.50 if shipped, $1 locally. The money from these bracelets will be donated to the disaster relief for the fires and the hurricanes. Funds will NOT go to American Red Cross, but rather to organizations that send the money to those who need it. If you’d like one, please comment how many you would like, what primary color you’d like in your bracelet and the size you need in inches. We are using a yarn that is red white and blue variegated. Because of the variegation, they will vary.

Please PayPal me at and be sure to include your color preference, quantity wanted and your mailing address.

Let’s work together and make a difference for these people who are desperately going to need our help.


Let me know what you think! :)

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