Natural Remedies for Thyroid Dysfunction


Natural Remedies for Thyroid Dysfunction

Thyroid gland is a vital part of the endocrine system as it helps in ideal functioning of human’s metabolism; protein synthesis and it also assist in overall adjustment and sensitivities of other types of hormones in our bodies.

The malfunctioning of these glands are mainly of two types, namely hyper thyroidism and hypo thyroidism. Whenever our body is subjected to this malfunction, certain symptoms occurs, most commonly are weakening of eyesight, stress, abnormal weight gain or loss, mood swings, tachycardia, blood pressure variations and prolonged depression. Thyroid problem can also be diagnosed via certain medical tests by which a medical specialist can detect which form of malfunction is affecting the individual.

The prescribed medicines are certainly not the best solution of thyroid problem as always. The only permanent solution to control this problem lies in God pharmacy itself , whether its hypo or hyper, and if we just choose to eat the right natural food and try healthy living norms, this dreaded problem can be effectively countered.

Some of the natural remedies that works to cure thyroid disease are as follows:

Follow a Proper Diet

Diet is a very vital part in proper functioning of the thyroid gland.Food that contains sugar,fats,preservatives and starch are not suited for thyroid patient and should be restricted.The diet of thyroid patient should include vegetables, fruits and whole-grains,multi-grains and sweet potatoes.

The refined carbohydrates present in bakery items like cakes,cookies and pastries should be avoided completely.

Vitamin A

Malfunctioning thyroid glands affect the eyesight at a tremendous rate so it is advisable to have vitamin A rich foods like pumpkins, mangoes and carrots (beta-carotene) for better functioning of thyroid gland.


Walnuts are very nutritious as they are great source of monounsaturated fats , iodine and magnesium which helps in hormonal balance of a person suffering from thyroid disease.

Coconut Oil

Drink coconut milk made by adding 1 teaspoon of coconut oil into a glass of milk, for speedy recovery from thyroid problem.


The patient should drink loads of fluids like water, soups and fresh juices, especially which are rich in selenium and zinc like oranges, cantaloupes, spinach,blackberries,figs,avocado and banana. juice diet is perfect for removal of waste and toxins from the body. It also helps to detox the body from harmful chemical and toxic build-up. It is recommended to start a fluid detox with proper advice from your health expert.

Rest and Relaxation

Rest is very important for thyroid patients because the fatigue can cause muscular pains and aches. Good relaxation is the key to recovery from this disease. Always take 8 hours of sleep daily for better health.

Breathing exercises and meditation also helps the immune system of a thyroid sufferer. One should take small breaks while at work to ensure optimum efficiency and proper relaxation.


Exercise is necessary due to the varying in weight levels of thyroid patient. As the thyroid patient has low energy levels it is better to engage in less challenging workout without putting strain on the body.When they have achieved the desired weight they can switch to strength training for weight maintenance. Yoga also helps especially Pranayam move carried for 30 mins early in the morning or during the sunset helps in controlling thyroid disease.

Intake of Iodine

Have iodine in its organic form as it helps to balance the thyroid levels in the body. Best natural sources of iodine are cabbage, onions, garlic, pineapple, strawberries, iodized salt and watercress.

Avoid Emotional Stress

It is better to avoid emotional stress for a thyroid patient. By staying happy and not being nervous. Surround yourself with positive and happy people who urge you to do well in life.Balance Estrogen LevelsTo balance the thyroid hormones its better to take less estrogen promoting food items like dairy, on-organic meat, and also stop using birth control pills as estrogen slows down the functioning of thyroid glands. Estrogen imbalance is more common in women who can reduce it by eating fiber rich diet.PearsPears are efficient in regulating hormonal level in the body. Take 4-5 pears daily for optimal thyroid functioning. Patient can also continue pear therapy for few months to see the noticeable results on a long run.

Zinc and Selenium

According to the research it is found that zinc and selenium deficiencies leads to thyroid dysfunction. Have more green vegetables and fish, as they are rich in zinc and selenium. Patient can also take supplements but not without a advice of medical expert. It is important to take zinc supplement after having food never on empty stomach.

Avoid Canola oil. Canola oil should be avoided by the thyroid patient as it interfere with production of thyroid hormones.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine exacerbate symptoms experienced by the thyroid patient, which includes palpitations, tremors and sweating. So avoid coffee if, you are craving coffee, take herbal tea instead which is much better for your overall health.

Get regular Check ups

For better cure and control always, the patient should monitor his /her thyroid levels and should have regular check-ups to curb the thyroid problem fully.

Ginger Tea

During winter prepare ginger tea and drink as it helps in production of thyroid hormones.

Stay Warm

To handle the thyroid problem in a better manner, stay warm by drinking hot fluids and wearing warm clothing. With these natural cures the patient can easily bring the dysfunctional thyroid gland under control. It is vital to have proper exercise with a healthy life style as a preventive measure to tackle with thyroid disease. The patient should know that he/she may not completely eradicate thyroid problem roots but these remedies can certainly help him/her to keep its adverse effects at bay.

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