New phone…. Loving it!

So last night, I pulled the trigger and switched from Straight Talk to Metro PCS. We’re going to save over $20 a month on service and we got 2 really cool new phones FREE. Now having been a Verizon Wireless consultant ages ago, I had developed a “distaste” for LG phones. I saw so many of those with physical keyboards die. So after about 3 weeks of thinking and stewing, we went ahead and took advantage of the free LG K20 Plus offer that Metro PCS has right now. I have to say that so far (knock on wood), I am impressed by this phone.

First of all, LG has an app in the Google Play Store that can be downloaded on ANY manufacturer’s phone which creates a zipped file of all your contacts, media and apps which can then be transferred wirelessly to the new LG phone. Hallelujah! I hate manually entering contacts!

AND…. I have been putting this phone through its paces pretty hard today. Doing the same amount of surfing and socializing on my Samsung S4, the battery would need recharged in about 4 hours. Well, this bad boy right here has been going strong since 6 am and STILL has 70% charge on it! Score!!!!!

Let me know what you think! :)

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