Our fairy garden… a work in progress!


I have wanted a fairy garden for some time now. The whole family is on board now with the project!

As we started brainstorming, I mentioned to my husband that I would love to have a Celtic-themed one.  So here’s some pics as we start placing things. It’s about 24 inches square. Ben made the stand and the container. The stand is pine and the box itself  is rough hewn cedar. The Alyssum will be a pinkish purple.



The beginning of our fairy garden. Alyssum has been planted in the 2 pots and in the center of the garden. I’m still working on the houses and the inhabitants. Can’t wait for the plants to grow and fill in. The hardest part was finding Celtic stuff. Wait til you see the Father Christmas that we found and Ben painted like a a druid.




The little patio features rough sand with a lot of pink. We got a 6 inch cheap plastic watering tray and poured the rough sand in it. Ben used some of his epoxy and “glued” it together. The little pond actually has some of my drilled stones from my jewelry supplies in the bottom and those are epoxied in place too…


Our Green Man “fountain”  Ben was upset that it wasn’t an actual working fountain, which he didn’t realize until it arrived in the mail. I told him it’s fine and that I love it just the way it is. More Alyssum is planted in the two small pots.


Here’s the left side of the garden. It features a Celtic cross and some Celtic stepping stones, which will lead to one of the fairy houses. Ben also plans to make a meandering stream out of epoxy, which will be placed between the cross and the stepping stones. Then it’s off to find the perfect bridge to put over it. 🙂

 I have some ceramic whiskey barrels to go in it too. The houses I am working on are both ceramic – a tree house and a fairy house. Those are still in the process of being painted. Then a good coat of lacquer will be applied.  Just not enough hours in the day.


Here’s another shot of the right side of the garden, with the pond, one of our inhabitants and the patio we made. Again, a few stepping stones will lead to another fairy home.

A couple notes of caution about using ceramics in an outdoor fairy garden: You must seal the ceramics annually with lacquer so your paint will not be damaged by the elements. Also, be sure to bring them in before the temperature drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so they don’t crack.

I will post more pics as we place our other inhabitants and their homes. I feel like a little kid at Christmas!

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