Our latest miniature garden project

As you may have read in previous posts, (Our fairy garden…a work in progress and  Update on our fairy garden) here at Live Healthy With Patty,  our family is turning into a bunch of miniature garden nuts.

A lot of the parts were either handmade or painted by us. I wanted to do a Celtic-themed garden and there just aren’t many options out there in that theme. So we found what we could of premade items and then added our own touch.

My husband made the stream and the patio out of some of my craft stones and epoxy. The stream was actually pretty creative on his part. He took a shoebox and poured sand into it. Then he “carved” out the path of the stream and laid Saran Wrap in that carved out area. We then took some of my blue craft stones and filled the bottom. Then he mixed and poured epoxy on top of the stones. We let it harden overnight and then pulled the creek out of the box.

Here’s the latest picture of our fairy garden.


Here’s a couple of closeups. The houses are ceramic pieces that I painted.





Ben has also created a gnome garden and has stated that it’s his and “keep out!”  LOL

Here’s the gnomes:


So what else do we have up our sleeves, you might be asking?

We are working on a Hobbit hole garden. This one is going to reside in an old wicker picnic basket that my dear friend, Kristina, gave me. <3


The front of the Hobbit hole is a piece of 2′ by 4′ that Ben cut into shape. He also created the door frame out of wood. We are working on painting it now.

Here’s what we have so far. I still need to work on the windows and give the front the appearance of being made of wooden boards.



Once we get that accomplished,  we’re going to lay moss over the top to give the appearance of being built into the side of a hill. I will share pictures of the completed garden once we get it pulled together. We are completely addicted to our miniature garden themed porch!

It’s easier than you think to make a miniature garden and the only limit is your imagination! If you need help, there are some really great books to get you started. Just enter “fairy garden” on the Amazon box on the right side of this page. You can also find a ton of goodies on Amazon, such as miniature benches, patios, fairies, and so much more!!!


Let me know what you think! :)

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