Simple. Healthy. Dinner.

Did you know that: The average family’s eating habits over the course of a week generally look like:

1-2 days a week, families are going out to eat, spending way too much for generally unhealthy food, just because it is convenient!

2 days a week families are eating leftovers, or taking the easy way out with plain old grilled cheese or ramen noodles.

Only 3-4 days a week are families taking the time to sit together and have a home cooked meal.

We think this is CRAZY! Families should be eating good, healthy, dinners, together! So we created this new program called Simple. Healthy. Dinner. This program contains the following:

Once a month, starting Feb. 1, (released with the monthly customer promotions on the 16th of each month), your customers can order Simple. Healthy. Dinner. as one item number, which contains:

– 8 Amazing yet simple, complete recipes, all under 600 Calories

– Step by Step image break-downs for each!

– A bundle with all of the products to make all 8 recipes

– Each bundle will be priced right around $55!!

– AND…For February ONLY…We are offering this bundle at an introductory rate of 50% off!*

Get yours today!

Simple.Healthy.Dinner flyer- Feb 2014

Let me know what you think! :)

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