The ongoing fun life of an autoimmune disease sufferer


While talking to my fibro doc’s office yesterday, they told me that the blood tests they ran to check my inflammation were “a little high”. Ummm, try in outer orbit. I got the results through Cleveland Clinic the next day since I had them done at Union. So they want me to go have more done. How much y’all want to bet I have another autoimmune disease tagteaming with the fibro?

I told them about our teenaged daughter recently testing positive for HLA-B27, which is the genetic marker for Ankylosing Spondylitis. Her rheumatologist is calling it enthesitis. Yes, being a genetic illness, it’s hereditary.

Click the above image for more info on AS.

Doc ordered that test along with the other two which we have results back from. But because it’s a genetic test, the insurance requires a pre-auth. The nurse at my doc’s office says they don’t do pre-auth for labs, that the lab does it. Are you kidding me? I had already talked to both the lab and insurance company, which both said the pre-auth must come from the ordering doctor. So I guess I need to make an appointment with our primary care doctor and fill her in on what’s going on and get her to do it.

I love dealing with insurance crap. Yeah, I get that it’s an expensive test. They had no problem doing our daughter’s test. Wouldn’t you think now that one of my kids have tested positive, it would make it that much easier to get approved?

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