Update on our fairy garden



Updated pic of the fairy garden. Still need to finish painting the other fairy and the houses. Have been doing a lot of running this week and haven’t sat down to work on them. Ben actually just finished the tree house, so that one just needs sealed. That leaves the big “fairy condo” and the fairy girl.

We swapped out the Alyssum in the center for Veronica Sunshine. The Alyssum needs more sunlight than it was getting in the garden. So we moved it over to the chimenea with the peppers. I will show you what we did there in a minute.

Ben made the stream and the patio out of rock and epoxy. He took some of my stones for jewelry and made it look like river rock in the pond. I painted the whiskey barrels. Ben painted the Druid. Sometimes I think it’s scary how our minds work! LOL


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