Water Works: Hit the Pool

Don’t like to sweat it out? Struggle with even the most basic group class? Why not water down your workout by enrolling in a water aerobics class? For the person who has trouble with strength training, step or other high-impact classes, a water aerobics class might be just the exercise alternative you have been looking for.

There is no doubt that this much gentler workout is swimming in goodness. Water workouts can help reduce body fat, tone and build muscles, increase flexibility, burn calories, and help build endurance. Water workouts allow you to exercise every muscle and every joint in the body all at the same time. In the water you’re actually using up to 14 times more muscle resistance than when you’re doing out-of-water workouts, and you’re getting a bigger payoff for your efforts. For example, walking in the park for 30 minutes burns about 135 calories, while walking in the water will burn 264 calories.

You don’t have to be a competitive swimmer – or even a good swimmer — to take part in water aerobics, seeing as your feet touch the bottom of the pool the entire time. For those people who can’t swim at all, there are life preservers to ensure you stay afloat.

Burning as much as 400 calories in an hour, water aerobics are the ideal workout for pregnant women, seniors or anyone suffering from low back pain or arthritis. It’s also great for those fitness enthusiasts who worry about becoming overheated while working out. Water workouts are much easier on the body. Check with your gym, the local YMCA or the community pool to find out if they offer water aerobics classes.

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