What a crazy day!


Sorry I haven’t posted much today, folks. It has been one of those days where one phone call leads to another to another…. you get the idea, right? Good news though…. our taxes are DONE for another year! Got some etsy orders shipped out as well. Then we were off to the rugrats’ counseling appointment. When we got home, I finished the potato soup then helped boychild with an essay he had to write about the book “Shiloh” and animal neglect. Pretty heavy stuff for the fourth grade!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a more productive day here in Grahamland. Will try to get some more goodies up for y’all, including the next in Stevi White’s series about essential oils. Until then, check out my other blog posts, have a great night and be sure to drink plenty of water! <3

Let me know what you think! :)

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