What if…?


A friend of mine just posted this on her wall and it really hit home for me. I could stay the same… Unorganized, frantic, and never knowing whether I was coming or going. Fibro fog, depression and anxiety are no jokes. Some of you already know that my teen son is autistic. My teen daughter, who has a rare genetic form of arthritis, is working now and saving money for a car and college. She wants to be a zoo vet. Between running appointments for my health issues or my kids’ or taking my daughter to and from work… I am like a chicken with my head cut off! Not to mention my crafting business and my Direct Sales.

So yeah, I could stay the same. That’s an easy way out of really making an active decision. Or… I could make the very real decision to change the way I do things and relieve the stress in my life. I made that decision when I ordered my organizer from my dear friend, Adrienne. Once I got it and started using it, I knew this was a life-changer.

I joined because I KNOW these organizers will make REAL changes in so many of my friends’ lives too. I have tried so many mass-produced, cookie cutter planners (many that I paid WAY too much money for just to feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied) that just didn’t meet all my needs. My Tula XII organizer takes care of EVERYTHING. Appointments, health and medical, to-do lists (huge win for this chick with the fibro fog and ADD), check register, budgeting and bills, and so much more!

Folks, I have been in Direct Sales for 30 years. I have been with many top companies over those years. I would lose my passion for the products over time because the products didn’t really CHANGE PEOPLE’S LIVES. But THIS… This can positively change your life! I am passionate and believe whole-heartedly that I can help you make your life and your business more simplified so you have time to enjoy LIFE.

So far 7 of my friends have pulled the trigger to change their lives by ordering inserts that fit THEIR lives. Three dear ladies joined me as team members and agree with me that these organizers are life-changers that need to be shared with people. What if? What if you could help yourself and your friends and family tame the chaos in your life? Would you?

What are you waiting for? What if…?

Let me know what you think! :)

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