Why are cats so darn inquisitive?!?!


Why are cats so darn inquisitive?!?!

We grow bamboo plants in our house. We use water beads as a means of watering them and because they are pretty and decorative. Now for those of you not familiar with water beads, they start out as tiny hard pellets. You put them into a container with distilled water and as they absorb the water, they grow and become really smooshy and slimy.


Our dear loving little orange monster of a cat, Moose, will be really good for MONTHS and leave them alone. But every time my husband replenishes the beads, for a few days after that, I find destroyed water beads all over my kitchen floor. I can only imagine the fun that little brat has in the middle of the night playing soccer with them! Here’s a picture of “Mr. Innocent”:


This morning, I walked into the kitchen after getting my son up for school and I didn’t turn on the light. Nothing like feeling like you’re stepping on snot to make you become instantly awake, not just awake, mind you. I mean that kind of fully AWAKE that only comes when you hear your child vomiting or you step in something icky.

I backtracked and turned on the light. There are probably 30-40 water beads all over the floor. Now, these are not things you can sweep up because they just fall apart and make even more of a mess. So at 7 a.m., I was down on my hands and knees, trying to gingerly pick up these slimy beads and silently cursing out the cat, who of course, is sitting there watching me like “Whatcha doin?” with his head cocked off to one side like I am just the most fascinating creature he has ever seen. I can practically hear him thinking, “Yep, that’s my hoooman. She is just the stwangest person I ever did see.” You see, there’s a reason God made kids and cats so cute. It’s so you don’t KILL them when they do things like this!


Anyway, GOOD MORNING!!!! 🙂


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