Why did I become interested in a natural lifestyle?


wanttoknowmywhyAre you wondering how I became interested in a natural lifestyle? I guess you could say it started with my son. You see, he was officially diagnosed last summer at the age of 9 as being autistic and also has ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and whole bunch of other multi-syllable words. This amazing, sweet, and funny kid has really been dealt a crappy hand. When he was in kindergarten and first grade, I was receiving phone calls at work almost daily from his school. Either they needed me to come out and help get him calmed down or they needed me to take him home because there was NO calming him down. It was pure hell on him, his teachers, his principal and me.  This really put me on the firing line at my job. I worked for a large national corporation that didn’t care about your kids and the difficulty of raising a child with emotional and neurological issues. Needless to say, I ended up losing my job because of having to constantly leave to take care of Cody and because my sales numbers were falling. Thus began my life as a stay-at-home mom.

Ironically, once I lost my job, I now had the time to get him the help he so desperately needed. The breaking point came in September of 2011. I received a call from his school that Cody had hit his teacher, bit his principal and ran outside and was throwing rocks at the windows. Now, if you know anything about kids with the kind of issues that my son has, you know that anything can set off a meltdown. I was asked to come pick him up. When I got to the school, he was in the “quiet room” with the principal. He was stacking up the floor pads into a pile and threatening to set the school on fire. My wonderful son wanted to die in a fire. The principal said that he was being suspended from school for 3 days. I was mortified. I completely understood her reason… they could not risk him injuring a faculty member or another student. My fiancee and I took him to the nearest children’s hospital emergency room to have him evaluated psychologically. Of course, by the time we got him there, he was calm and no longer a danger to himself or anyone else and therefore, they couldn’t do anything. Instead, they had him sign a “No Harm Agreement.” Yep, my second grader signed a “contract” not to hurt himself or anyone else. He had absolutely no idea what it meant.

My then-fiancee and I got him into counseling. Cody was diagnosed there as suffering from anxiety and PTSD as a result of the abuse my ex-husband and Cody’s biological father had put us through. His counselor also said he thought we needed to get Cody tested for autism. Long story short, it took us about a year and a half to get with the right doctors who took the time to really be thorough and do things right and most importantly, they care about Cody. Cody was placed on Adderall and an anti-anxiety medication. Please don’t judge us for having him on this medication. I hate that he is on it, but it makes him able to behave better in school and get better grades because he can now focus and isn’t a constant disruption due to meltdowns.

We are able to enjoy life now! Sure, on a weekly basis, we are running to many appointments such as: counseling, group counseling (to help with social skills), speech therapy, occupational therapy and doctors’ appointments. But I am researching natural ways to help him. I know there’s no “cure” for autism, but if there’s something out there, whether it’s the type of food he eats, aromatherapy or herbal solutions, I want to find it. 

Another reason for my interest in natural products is MY health. I had a heart attack when I was 30. I had issues with gestational diabetes and high blood pressure in every one of my pregnancies. I would get migraines at least twice a month and the only thing that alleviated them were Imitrex injections. I suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and chronic back pain, due to a car accident when I was younger and many falls. It hurt to stand, to sit, to walk.. High blood pressure came back with a vengeance. Depression has been a big part of my life since I was a teenager. I was taking as many medications as people in their 70s or 80s. And I was just barely 40! While I was still working at my corporate job, I wound up having to wear a halter monitor because of heart palpitations. Things were going downhill in a hurry.

Since starting my natural lifestyle, my blood pressure is the lowest in NINE years! Having a history of toxemia during all my pregnancies, I was told that I needed to be placed on meds for hypertension after my son was born in 2003. Now my blood pressure runs around 104/66. No more heart palpitations. I had a minor heart attack when I was 30 and the heart palps had come back with a vengeance when I was working at Verizon. No issues with my blood sugar either. My back issue rarely flares up anymore.

I still get headaches, don’t get me wrong. But nothing like the migraines of the past. Now when I get a headache, I rub a little peppermint oil on my earlobes. Buh-bye headache!

We also run a diffuser almost 24/7 that has an essential oil blend in it that helps with calming down and de-stressing. I see a huge difference in not only Cody, but all of us.

I’ll tell you, folks. This natural thing is THE way to go! I look forward to sharing what I learn with everyone. Please FOLLOW my blog and share it with anyone who might benefit from the information I post. Thanks for reading!!


Let me know what you think! :)

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