Why Should You Work Out With Your Significant Other?


Why Should You Work Out With Your Significant Other?

By Jennifer Gruenemay, ACE-Certified, Special to Lifescript

It’s no secret that a lazy mate can be a major weight-loss roadblock, but did you know that couples who join fitness programs together are twice as likely to stick with it? And in case you’ve forgotten, what matters most in any weight-loss program is how long you do it.

Most weight goals fail not because of a poor program, but because people don’t follow the program long enough to get results. So why will signing up with your partner for a fitness regimen make a difference? Lack of spousal support is a top reason why people drop out of them. So what better way to fix that than just bringing them along?

Besides triumphing through your weight-loss struggles together, you’ll also be strengthening the bond that you share as a couple. In the gym, you can work off your troubles, frustrations and stress on the exercise machinery instead of taking it out on each other. The couple that plays together stays together and gets fit faster too.

So the question isn’t why should you work out with your significant other, but it really is why SHOULDN’T you?


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