My thoughts on ADHD, Autism and Nosebleeds


After going to school for two days last week, I thought this weekend would be fairly calm. Our son is getting back into a scheduled and structured routine and our daughter is back in public school after two years of homeschooling. Everyone should be getting into the swing of things, right? Wrong!

This weekend was a weekend from Hell. Our son, who is autistic and has ADHD, seemed to have one meltdown after the next and it ended up with several nosebleeds. He’s been getting nosebleeds more often lately and I am starting to notice a trend. It seems to happen every time he gets himself worked up. When I picked him up Friday from school for one of his numerous appointments, his principal told me he had a nosebleed at lunch. “A gusher” is what she called it. What happened right before this? He wanted a second slice of pizza and he was told that since he receives free lunches, he couldn’t have another since he has no money on his “account.”  Rather than staying calm, he had an emotional meltdown and then his nose started gushing.

Now I have been doing some research on kids who are on the spectrum who get nosebleeds. There has been some speculation that nosebleeds are a way for the body to eliminate toxins. While this MAY sound like a pretty good theory, I don’t necessarily agree with it.

Here’s why…. my mother used to suffer from nosebleeds when she was younger and had to have the blood vessels in her nose cauterized several times. If the layer of skin that covers those vessels is extremely thin, any amount of pressure could cause the vessels to burst and cause your nose to bleed.

When my son becomes so upset, his face gets red, his ears turn red and he sometimes even breaks into a sweat. This tells me his blood pressure is going through the roof. And this would put enough pressure on those blood vessels and veins to cause a nosebleed.

I did find one case online where there may be a correlation between ADHD and epistaxis (frequent nosebleeds). Here’s the case if you’d like to read more.

I would be extremely interested to see if more cases begin to appear. If anyone sees any more while you are surfing the net, please let me know by commenting here.


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