Big Brother is watching…. at school!

Wow….. my 14 year old daughter just brought home info about a survey the school I asking her grade to complete. What type of info do they want? Tobacco use, alcohol use, drug use, family relationships, mental health info and sexual preference and activity. Attached to the information letter was a form for parents to sign to opt out of the survey. Did I sign it? You better believe it! It said NOTHING about the survey being anonymous. What happens in my child’s home and personal life is none of the school’s business. What the school knows, the government knows. Big Brother does NOT need that information about my child and I stated that on the form. I am furious!!! I dare the guidance counselor to call me.

You know what else pisses me off about this? My special needs child is being hassled at school by kids much older than he is. It has been reported several times to the office. My daughter said that the boy doing it was supposed to get in-school suspension for bullying my son. The kid BRAGGED about the fact that he didn’t get suspended. How about the school spend more time stopping bullying and less time worrying about whether my daughter is straight, bi, homo, or transgender and whether she’s sexually active?

The survey is “sponsored by the Ohio Departments of Education, Health and Mental Health and Addiction Services” and includes 100 “items” and should take about 15 minutes. In other words, they want knee jerk responses. Here’s an excerpt of the letter that was sent home about the “OHYes!” – the “Ohio Healthy Youth Environments Survey”: What is my child being asked to do? We would like your child to answer questions about:

* Personal use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, perceptions of risks, where accessed;

* Feelings about their school and community;

* Family and personal characteristics;

* Mental health and access to care;

* Health-related behaviors (i.e. sleep, nutrition, exercise, and upon district approval, sexual behavior and suicide).

Here’s the link to the actual survey if anyone would like to see it -

Our state government AND schools need to stop pushing their Liberal agenda on us. A village will NOT raise my children. That is MY job and MY responsibility as their parent. Neither of my kids drink, smoke or do drugs. I am the parent and I am the one who takes them to their appointments for any health issues. It is none of the government’s business.

Let me know what you think! :)

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