Can I represent more than one company?

Here’s a question that has come up… “Can I represent several companies that sell the same type of product?”


If that is something you want to do (and I will give my perspective on this in just a minute), you need to ask a few questions, both of yourself and your companies:

1. Will the companies permit you to do so? Many have non – compete clauses in their policies and procedures that make it grounds for termination to market any other company’s product which is a competitor. For example, Company ABC sells candles. You also also want to sell for Company XYZ, which also sells candles. Most likely, one (if not both companies) will have a non – compete clause. Why? Because you are not devoting your time and energy into promoting their product. You are not making them the kind of money that you could if you represented just the one company. You are splitting the revenues between the two rather than streaming it all to one. This would be similar to doing a vendor event with a co-worker and you both work on commission. Would you rather people buy from her or from you? I don’t know about you, but I work to earn money!

2. You also need to ask yourself this: If someone asks me which company’s product line I believe in, how am I going to answer? If you sell products that aren’t in direct competition, this isn’t a problem.  However, let’s go back to the previous example. What would your answer be if you market for two competing candle companies?

I believe you have to be vested 100% in any product you choose to present. How credible will you appear if you can’t choose between two companies that are in direct competition? You need to be able to tell people why you chose the companies you’re with. In the case of weight loss products, people want to know that you are a product of the product. Do you use what you sell? What’s your personal experience with it?

In my case, I market (and personally use) several companies’ products. You can learn more about each right here on my blog by clicking on the company names under “My Shops” in the index on the right side of the screen. Several of these focus on healthy living but none of them are in direct competition with the other. Rather, they complement one another.  All these companies feature some gluten – free products.

I also represent a few other companies, just for fun. They are my “guilty pleasure” companies. LOL I sell and use these other products because I just flat out like them! A girl needs a little fun in her life too!

Regardless of what you choose, be passionate about it! Have fun and be yourself when you are talking about it! Build a relationship with your followers and customers. Let people get to know YOU. The REAL you.

Love you all!!! Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Let me know what you think! :)

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