Does your washer eat your socks too?


Does your washer eat your socks too? Here’s a cool idea for the survivors….

Making use of old pieces of clothes is a tricky job, even for DIY practitioners. There is a limit on how many teddy bears and stuffed little Santas you can fashion. In the often cases you ended up with a bunch of mis-matched socks, you could make one cute snake. To manufacture this creative and colorful stuffed reptile doll, you must follow the instructions below:

• get about 10 clean socks (for a decent size snake, but you can work with whatever size you want);
• thread and needle;
• a pair of scissors;
• a 5-inch piece of red ribbon;
• buttons;
• stuffing (from/for pillows);
• sewing machine;

The first thing to do is choosing the socks which have almost the same width. Group them into different size stacks if the width varies. Check the link below for all instructions…

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