And Evil Mom of the Year Award Goes To…..


I’m not one to play practical jokes on people, but I couldn’t resist Ben’s idea. Both kids (ages 14 and 15) have been in the rooms all day, being couch potatoes (or should I say, bed potatoes). I told them both that we hid 36 Easter eggs in the yard and that they better find them before the stray cat Mama does. (I am SO going to hell! LOL)

I have never seen these two MOVE so fast in my life. They came running out with their old Easter buckets, going “Candy! Candy!” and freaking out that the neighbor’s grandkids might find them before they do. They threw on jackets and shoes and BOOKED it out the door and passed Ben as he was coming in from his workshop. He looked at me, shook his head and said “I thought I was bad. How long you going to let this go on?” I shrugged my shoulders and said “Ten or fifteen minutes. They are getting exercise and fresh air.” He said “You know this isn’t going to go well. Put your shoes on and get out there. They’re already in the yard looking.”

So I stepped out on the porch and they are GONE. I hollered their names and they both came around the front of the house. Ben asked them if they knew what else today is. Blank looks. I said “It’s April 1st…….” and kind of looked at them like “annnnnnd…..”

Oh they both played pissed! LOL Cody crawled in the back seat of my car and pouted. Chrissy threw her bucket down on the porch and said “You ruined my childhood moment!” and stormed into the front seat of the car and put her bucket over her head. Priceless!

Then they both walked into the house and said they were protesting and refusing to do anything I asked them to do. “Oh, yeah? Then I am charging rent by the day.” That changed the tune they were singing real fast.
A few minutes later, I asked Cody to take the garbage out, since it’s his job. He said no. I gave him THE look and he took it out without another word. He even took a shower without me asking him to!

They usually try to prank me. Guess what? Mama can outprank you if she wants to! Oh, if they only knew what I am capable of! MWA HA HA HA HA

I am SO going to hell, but it was freaking funny!

#IAmTheEvilMom #AprilFoolsDay #AnotherDayInGrahamland
#Payback #LessonLearned #KarmaBaby #DontMessWithAProfessional #NeverUnderestimateMom

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