Famous people who Failed to Succeed

Why is it historically, the highly successful people in this world (e.g, Jordan, Einstein, Disney etc…) have made the conscious decision to visualize their dream and become obsessed with it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and ignore all naysayers, while the majority of the people in the world do NOT?

Here’s why:

Because most people have been programmed NOT to believe that it’s even possible for them. So, like the successful ones, their mind only finds and sees all of the justifiable reasons that support their belief.

It is BELIEF that causes the successful ones to take the necessary action to achieve their DREAMS.

It is BELIEF that causes the NON-believers NOT to take ANY actions to achieve the dreams they do not believe they can achieve.

Instead, many of those, who are programmed to choose not to believe, criticize the few (like Disney) who chose to deprogram his thinking and believe in his dreams 24/7, in spite of what the majority of the world believes.

That’s one of the main reasons between highly successful people and those who choose not to become obsessed in the accomplishment of their dreams!

So my message to you is this…

Don’t let anyone’s (especially your own) DIS-beliefs, skepticism, philosophies, IL-logic, opinions, negativity or sarcasm steal your dreams.

Let me know what you think! :)

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