Freebie Friday!

A reminder, these books posted are REAL e-books, full of content and amazing resourcefulness.
The offers do not stay free for long however.
It is important to get your downloads when you see them.




1. Aromatherapy & Essential Oils: Natural Recipes To Help You Stay Young & Healthy (Creative Homemade Recipes)

2. Organic Beauty: Natural Beauty Recipes

3. Natural Cleaning Solutions: 37+ Simple, Eco-Friendly Recipes For Everyday Cleaning (100% Safe Ingredients)

4. How To Control Garden Pests Organically

5. The Lemon Balm Supplement: Alternative Medicine for a Healthy Body (Health Collection)

6. You Are What You Eat: How the Food We Eat Is Making Us Fatter, Sicker and Dumber

7. The H2O Diet: How to Eat, Exercise, Drink and Dream

8. Paleo Diet Explained – Eat The Way You’re Born To Eat, Lose Weight, Gain Energy And Live Healthy (Paleo Diet, Paleo For Beginners, Paleo Guide)

9. Superfoods: Amazing Superfoods List & Recipes for Fat Burning, Muscle Building, and Weight Loss (Superfoods, Superfoods Guide)

10. Juicing To Lose Weight: 100+ Simple Juicing Recipes You Can Use To Boost Your Metabolism and Have a Healthier Lifestyle

11. Fermenting vol. 3: Milk Kefir

12. Nutrition And Health: What is Mind and Body Nutrition, Have a Relationship with Food that Cultivates Your Health and Reduces Your Waistline

13. Pregnancy Nutrition: Eat Your Way To A Healthy Pregnancy

14. Eat less, Move more, and Stretch.: A sensible way to lose weight to look and feel better

15. Perfect Body: Workout Motivation, Workout Routines, Weightlifting and Strength Training and How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2014: weight loss motivation

16. 2014 Gluten-Free Buyers Guide

17. The Tapping Therapy Technique – Learn in 5 Minutes: The Effective, Permanent Solution to Overcome Phobias, Anxieties, Addictions, Food Cravings and Other Emotional Problems – By Using the EFT Tapping

18. How to Cure Chronic Pain: The Step by Step Guide to No More Pain and Experiencing Pain Relief for Life

19. Asthma and Hay Fever: Proven drug-free methods to combat the causes

20. Prostate Health Guide: Get the Facts and Natural Solutions for Optimal Prostate Health

21. Scabies Natural Home Treatment Solution

22. The Stress Management & Stress Relief Book – How To Relieve Your Stress…Naturally !

23. Start Running in a Few Steps

24. How to Run a Marathon: The ultimate guide on everything you need to know and do to complete a full marathon!

25. Take Your Marriage from Good to Great One Date at a Time

26. 40 Prayers for Those Who Worry (40 Prayers Series)

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