How to become successful as a work-at-home Mom or Dad


How to become successful as a work-at-home Mom or Dad

First tip: Find a company where you are passionate about the products. It is far easier (and far more convincing) to shout from the rooftops about something you believe in than something you sell just because you were able to sign up for free. Do you BELIEVE in your product? Do you feel you are able to help people make educated decisions about product selection? I see so many people jumping from company to company to company lately. Why? Because they expect to make thousands of dollars overnight! Pick a company and stay with it. Pennies are not going to fall from the heavens overnight. It will take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to be successful with any company you choose to represent. People will not know you ARE a representative of that company if you do not TELL them. As amazing as we all are, very few folks are mind readers. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn!

Second tip: I see a lot of folks building FaceBook fan pages. I know you want customers. Who doesn’t? Let’s face it… if you didn’t want them, what the heck are you doing in sales? How about devoting one week to advertising your fan page instead of your company site? The reason I am suggesting this is simple. The fan page gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with people and help them get to know YOU. What’s the one thing that makes you unique in a company of possibly thousands of consultants/distributors? One word… YOU! In a sales environment, customers want to KNOW the person they are buying from. They want to know you are not just there for the money, but will be there for them if they have questions or an issue. The after-sale support is just as important, if not more so, than the actual sale. If you develop a relationship with your customers, they will come back to you. What happens if that relationship is not there? They won’t trust you and they will go to someone else. And if they develop a bond with that person, guess what? You blew it! You got ONE sale from that customer and the other person has a loyal customer who will go back to that representative every time they need to purchase product.

I worked retail in the cellular industry for three years. It was grueling hours and a lot of bureaucratic red tape. Why did I stay as long as I did? Because I had customers who weren’t JUST customers, they were my friends too. They would wait for sometimes up to two hours for ME to become available. They could have gone with the next available sales representative, but they didn’t. They liked and trusted ME and knew I wouldn’t sell them something if it wasn’t going to fit their needs and lifestyle. Because of these amazing people, I made serious money. I have been out of that company for over two years but I am still friends with my former co-workers who tell me on a regular basis that my customers STILL ask about me. You can’t BUY that kind of loyalty! HAVE FUN! Don’t be afraid to be silly with your customers!

Third tip: Think outside the box. What are online vendor parties? A great and inexpensive way to get your company and products in front of people you may never have met otherwise! All the vendors help advertise the party to get as many people in the chat room as possible. Rather than lugging your show kit around to home shows, craft fairs and vendor events and sitting for sometimes as long as 8 hours a day, you can party in your PJs right at your very own computer! Each vendor is given a time slot in which they talk about their goods. They can refer customers to their FaceBook fan pages and company websites. We play games and do drawings just like a home show.

So you may be asking who the heck is Patty Graham to tell me how to be successful. Here’s my background: I have been in direct sales for 20 years. I have also been a real estate agent, an insurance agent, and a residential property manager. I worked in the non-profit field for seven years, working on campaign finance reform and pollution studies. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which has helped me run several very successful businesses throughout the years (Patty’s Candy Shop, Patty’s Online Party Place, and Liberty Lady Designs), as well as representing: Avon (3 times), Tupperware (2 times), PartyLite, SoyLicious, Stuff-N- Snuggle, Scentsy (when they were still We Make Perfect Scents), Fuller Brush, and many more. As a Fuller Brush distributor, I was the only person to become a Director in less than one year’s time in the company history (up to that point in time) and had over 200 distributors in my downline all over the United States in less than six months. This was before Mark Zuckerberg even thought of FaceBook!

With each new company, I picked up more tips and ideas on what works and what doesn’t. I learned the hard way that you have to be passionate about your products! Trust me, I practice what I preach. I have been using these strategies for my companies and it does work! Take a chance and keep an open mind.

“Plant the seeds today and reap the rewards later”

Let me know what you think! :)

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