How to Make Spring Flower with Wire and Nail Polish



How to make a spring flower with wire and nail polish!

Create some magical looking flowers with some nail polish. Surely, every lady has a nice collection of nail polish at home, so this project will be cheap as you don’t need to make a big investment and buy lots of supplies. You will need some crafting wire to create the frame of the flower. Then comes the most exciting step, creating the color of the flowers. This is a rather slow process, so you will need a lot of patience. And the following materials:

• a bunch of bottles of nail polish;
• some strings of wire;
• a couple of wire cutters;




Before starting though, you should put some newspapers on your working surface as you will probably be making a bit of a mess. Start painting and cover the edges of the frame. Fill the petals with nail polish and try and hold the flower in such a way so the nail polish won’t fall on your working surface. Then wait until the nail polish dries, wait 20-30 minutes and apply another layer. Let the seconds layer dry too. You can also add glitter or apply some small decorative elements, such as pearls on the petals. You can also create jewelry with this technique, such as brooches or pendants as they will be a really nice gift for someone special.

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I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried making a spring flower with wire and nail polish!

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