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Hi everyone! It’s Patty here and have I got some news for you!

Introducing The Scarlet Maiden! We will carry my home remedies, my photography, my paintings and cups and my handmade jewelry and many amazing items you will love.

The Scarlet Maiden features Celtic, Norse and nature themed items for those who embrace their ancestry and the old ways. This company started as a passion to celebrate and honor my family’s rich heritage of being firmly rooted in Scotland and Northern Ireland. As many from that region do, we also have Nordic blood flowing through our veins. We want to share this history and its ways with you. We are adding more goodies every day!

We feature Celtic and Norse jewelry and home decor that you can not find in any other direct sales company. We also carry items which celebrate the beauty that nature gives us. I have also incorporated my line of home remedies, which feature the highest quality essential oils including CBD oil, herbs and minerals. This line was first introduced to the public in 2014 and has received rave reviews.

Our biggest fan favorite is our My Little Fibro Helper body lotion. This lotion includes the best essential oils blended together to help alleviate the pain associated with fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, chronic pain and other painful illnesses. As a fibromyalgia survivor, I was desperately seeking relief from the pain that comes with those flare-ups. I researched many essential oils for their properties to help me. This is how this amazing lotion came to be. We have received reviews from fibro and arthritis sufferers all across the country who say this lotion has been a game changer for them. We are honored and thrilled to be a part of these amazing people’s lives. This is why we do what we do. To enable someone to not just survive pain, but to THRIVE… That is a win I will gladly be a part of.

Please be sure to follow our new page at The Scarlet Maiden

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FREE Affiliate Program!

Join my affiliate program and you can earn commissions of 25% on all sales!

The affiliate program details:
No sign up fee
No site fee
No monthly autoship required
No monthly quota
Affiliates will need to sell at least $20 in their first 12 months with us to remain active, but that is super easy to do!

What do you need to do to join us? Just head on over to the The Scarlet Maiden site at and sign up as an affiliate there. Please complete that registration form and read the Terms and Conditions, then ask to join our Affiliates Only group if you’re not already there. The link is

Crafter’s Marketplace!

Another feature which I am super excited to offer is our new Marketplace for crafters on the The Scarlet Maiden site! If you know anyone who is looking for a place to sell their products, please let them know about our site and have them contact me at with any questions. There are no fees to sell on the site, but will need to mark up their prices to cover commissions. I can explain that further via email. It’s going to be so easy for crafters to sell on this site. The store manager is super easy to use. You just register as a vendor and get access to the store manager. As a store manager, you control your listings and inventory. We have an amazing dashboard ready for you!

No listing fees. When an item sells, you get paid 70% of whatever price you put it on the site for. Plus sales tax and shipping. So be sure to mark up your price to cover the 30% that goes to the affiliate who drove your sale (25%) and the site administrator’s fee (5%).

So many exciting things happening! I hope you will continue on this amazing journey with us!

Patty Graham

Owner, Live Healthy With Patty
Owner, The Scarlet Maiden

Let me know what you think! :)

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