Important information about Retin-A



Important information about Retin-A

From time to time, I share articles about health issues and popular pharmaceutical treatments if I think that they are extremely informative. This is one of those articles. This article shares a ton of information about a very popular acne treatment which has some pretty nasty side effects. I personally would far rather treat acne and skin conditions naturally, such as using essential oils.

General information

Accumulations of these cells can block the exit of the hair bulb and block the secretions of the gland. The gland is infected and an inflammatory process of the skin takes place, accompanied by the appearance of acne. Generic tretinoin corrects these deviations by reducing the density of the cell adhesion to each other and acceleration of their maturation. In opened acne, the drug causes the exit of the cells from the hair bulb, without creating skin inflammation. Acne, which happened to be closed, are opened under the influence of the drug and are more easily treated with retin-a buy.

Vitamin A is essential for normal functioning of the immune system and is an integral part in the process of infection control. Application of retinol improves the barrier function of the mucous membranes, increases the phagocytic activity of leukocytes and other factors of non-specific immunity. Vitamin A protects against colds, flu and infections of the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract. The presence of vitamin A in blood is one of the main factors that are responsible for the fact that children in more developed countries endure infectious diseases such as measles and chicken pox much easier, while in countries with low standards of living, the mortality from these “harmless” virus infections is much higher. Consider the information mentioned above before purchase retin-a with no prescription.

Tretinoin generic contains an ingredient, which is called retinoic acid. The medicine is manufactured in in different forms.

Acne develops on the skin due to exfoliated epithelial cells during the growth of their production in the upper layer of follicular. Cheap retin-a corrects keratinization by increasing proliferation and reducing cell adhesion. Open acne treatment with retin-a generic enhances cell proliferation, makes the surface smooth without any signs of inflammation. Closed acne treatment leads to their transformation into the open, or makes them pimples (papules, pustules), which heal without scarring once removed keratin cork. The medicine also prevents the formation of new acne.

Recommended dosage and direction

If you purchase retin-a online, remember that the medicine is mainly used to cure acne.

If the physician did not recommend otherwise, the drug applied once a day after you purchase tretinoin. You can apply a gel, cream, or a solution of the medicine. Apply the medicine on the washed, dry surface of the affected area of the skin and spread the gel or cream with your finger. If you have already made purchase retin-a, it is advised to use a cotton swab when applying a solution of the medicine.

Sometimes the medication is applied to the entire face, sometimes only to certain parts of the body, sometimes locally, or at the places where there is an inflammation. It is desirable to apply the thinnest layer first, so that the cream smeared over the face and did not get into the eyes. Even if the gel gets just under the eyes, a severe irritation might occur. You can also go to bed with a special mask to cover the eyes from the light and medication.

When you buy retin-a online, you may feel a brief sensation of warmth or burning sensation after the first treatment. In the beginning of the treatment the acne may increase, this is because of the effect of the medicine on the deeply located acne, which were not noticed before. The best result of the treatment is usually seen after 7- 11 weeks. Treatment success largely relies on the insistence to continue the therapy.


You should not buy tretinoin if you have: acute eczema or acute inflammatory skin processes.

Do not take the medication internally, prevent getting retin-a cheap in eyes or area under. In case of such contact, you should immediately wash your eyes with water. To prevent the damage of the skin you should not spend time in sunlight (it concerns those people who work in summer, as the sun in this treatment will only harm the skin. Patients with suntan can start the treatment after the sun weakening. Just as other medications, tretinoin buy should be stored out of reach of children.

High oral doses of retinoic acid have teratogenic effect on animals. However, studies on rats and rabbits have shown that the action of retinoic acid on the skin at doses 50 times higher than in humans (assuming that the usual dosage is about 500 mg of gel per day), there is no weakening of fertility or damage of the fetus. However, a number of embryos in rats and rabbits were noted to have a slight increase in irregular contours and ossification of the skull. During pregnancy one should avoid retin-a purchase.

Possible side effects

Before going to order retin-a, read about possible side effects that might take place.

Skin of some sensitive patients can become intense red, swell, blister and crusting. If these conditions continue, the treatment should be stopped to restore the integrity of the skin, or reduce the dose to tolerable values.

For the Consumer

Applies to tretinoin topical: topical cream, topical gel, topical kit, topical liquid

Stop using this medication and Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction while taking tretinoin topical (the active ingredient contained in Retin-A) hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Less serious side effects may include burning, warmth, stinging, tingling, itching, redness, swelling, dryness, peeling, irritation, or discolored skin.

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

For Healthcare Professionals

Applies to tretinoin topical: topical cream, topical gel, topical kit, topical liquid


A severe cutaneous reaction was reported in a patient who had an ice pack placed over an area treated with topical tretinoin. The area became pigmented and indurated, and the pigmentation persisted for an extensive length of time.

Dermatologic side effects are the most frequently reported side effects with the use of tretinoin topical. In double-blind, vehicle-controlled studies involving 339 patients who applied tretinoin topical 0.02% to their faces, adverse reactions associated with the use of tretinoin topical were limited primarily to the skin. Almost all patients reported one or more local reactions such as peeling, dry skin, burning, stinging, erythema, and pruritus. In 24% of all study patients, skin irritation was reported that was either severe (about 7%), led to temporary discontinuation of tretinoin topical 0.02% (about 20%), or led to use of a mild topical corticosteroid. About 5% of patients using tretinoin topical 0.02%, compared to less than 1% of the control patients, had sufficiently severe local irritation to warrant short-term use of mild topical corticosteroids to alleviate local irritation. About 4% of patients had to discontinue use of tretinoin topical because of adverse reactions. Tretinoin may induce photosensitivity in some individuals, as well as an increased susceptibility to irritation from wind, cold, and dryness.


Local side effects including a retinoid dermatitis has been reported to occur frequently at the areas treated with topical tretinoin and is characterized by erythema, dryness, scaling, pruritus, and variable degrees of irritation.

Local reaction is commonly observed during the initial phase of therapy, but may not appear until as late as ten weeks into treatment. The dermatitis generally subsides with prolonged use of the medication, although in some cases may require a dosage adjustment or discontinuation of therapy. True contact dermatitis has been reported and confirmed with patch testing and leukocyte migration inhibition studies, but is uncommon. Rarely, there may be temporary hyper- or hypopigmentation following repeated applications.


Ocular side effects including ectropions may develop infrequently and are reversible. A transient and harmless stinging of the eye may occur when tretinoin is applied onto the surrounding skin, generally lasting about 30 to 60 seconds.


Hepatic side effects including reversible, clinically insignificant changes in liver function tests have been reported following both oral and topical administration of tretinoin. These abnormalities include elevations in serum bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase, and glutamic-pyruvic transaminase.

Nervous system

Nervous system side effects including a case of neurotoxicity in a patient with liver disease have been reported.

The patient developed neurological side effects following 4 weeks of tretinoin administration. Symptoms included headache, memory loss, truncal ataxia, and dysarthria, all of which improved upon temporary discontinuation of medication and recurred when the patient resumed usage. Upon withdrawal of medication a second time, the symptoms resolved within 4 weeks.


Estrogen levels appeared not to have been affected.

Genitourinary side effects including an isolated case of vaginal bleeding related to tretinoin use has been reported in a post-menopausal woman and confirmed upon rechallenge.


Drug interactions

One should pay special attention in the case of simultaneous treatment with other medicaments. If the patient received another course of treatment before treatment with retin-a order, it is recommended to wait until the skin returns to normal condition.

Missed dosage

If you forget to apply the next dosage of the medication, apply the gel at the usual time.


In case of overdose after you buy retin-a, the skin might become red, begin to peel or the patient feels a discomfort.


As all other medicaments this drug should be stored out of reach of children. Do not use the medicament after the expiration date indicated on the packaging. Under normal storage conditions, all forms of the drug have a period of about three years of a half-life period.

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