It is amazing to think of those who have come in and out of your life.


It is amazing to think of those who have come in and out of your life.
You never know how their presence will effect you.
I talked to one of the most awesome people today that really stomped an impression on this big old heart of mine.
I sit here in tears as I think about how awesome life is…. how amazing it can be and how even though some of those friends you meet may disappoint….it is the ones who make you smile…the ones who left you with something amazing as they walked on to new places… that make up for those who hurt… use … and take advantage of you.

There are 2 types of people…. those who leave something wonderful with you as they pass through your life and those that take from you for their own selfish greed. Sometimes you find out that the one you trusted was not a true friend… but the moat beautiful thing is to realize that the most unlikely person may be the one to leave the biggest impression…

Never take people for granted….
Always put others needs before your own…
The most unhappy person is the one who puts their happiness first….

I would like to thank everyone who has come into my life… for each of you has made a difference…

You Can Have Everything You Want in Life, If You Will Just Help Other People Get What They Want!


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