It takes talent to be this klutzy


I cannot believe I still hurt this bad… From falling… In my living room… Two days ago. My leg and knee don’t hurt, which is weird because that’s what I thought took most of the abuse. My right wrist still hurts. My left forearm going up to the elbow hurts like a mother. And my abdomen muscles hurt like I just had a hysterectomy again! What the actual f@ck did I do to myself?

I really do NOT want to call my fibro doc and confess to what I did. He’s the one who diagnosed carpal tunnel a few months ago. I can just imagine what he’s going to say when I tell him I caught myself with my hands and now all this is hurt. He may kick my ass. 😆

I did just manage to get a final (I hope) coat of epoxy on girlchild’s cup, poured two key hoops and a car coaster. Now my back hurts too. Stick a fork in me… I’m done. Ugh.

I still need to “harvest” my herbs from my AeroGarden, but Ben is going to have to move it over to the kitchen table so I can sit down to do it. I need to shower too and I’m not sure I will be able to reach up to wash my hair.

This getting old when you’re a klutz sucks. Just wrap my ass in bubble wrap. #facepalm

Let me know what you think! :)

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