Latest chapter in the Knee Pain Saga. I do NOT make this stuff up!



Y’all are gonna love this one….. I don’t know whether to laugh or pull my hair in frustration. My last orthopedic appointment was the first week of October. After sitting in the waiting room for THREE hours, we were shown into a cast room to wait another 20 minutes. (No, I did not need a cast.) I highly suspect we were moved out of the waiting room and deposited into the cast room because I got somewhat indignant (putting it nicely) with the receptionist as we headed towards the third hour in the waiting room. My appointment was for 10 am and we were headed towards 1 pm. Needless to say, if you know me, you know how much patience I had left at this point (ZERO) and about where my anger level was (boiling point). I am usually one of the most patient people you will ever meet. But when it comes to incompetence or ignorance…… ugh! As for my temper – I usually am a very slow burn. It takes a lot to make me angry. But once I am, look out! I am a redhead, after all!

Back story time – Prior to this appointment, I had been through two previous appointments at the same office, had yet to see the same doctor, had to sit in the waiting room another time for about three hours, had x-rays and an MRI, an injection which did nothing at all for the pain. I had been given Mobic and a muscle relaxer. The only “relief” I had at all was the muscle relaxer knocked my ass OUT when I took it. LOL

In walked an intern who apologized for the long wait and did a precursory exam of my knee. He told me that he was an intern (Nahhhhhh, really? You look like you’re 12…. Freakin Doogie Howser wannabe – yes, I tend to get sarcastic when I’m angry) and that he would need to talk to one of the surgeons to determine if they are going to go with a different injection or do a partial knee replacement. Then of course, they would have to get authorization from the insurance company. I mentioned in our brief conversation, that I had an upcoming appointment at the Cleveland Clinic to review a brain MRI that my family physician had ordered that showed possible signs of MS. He said that MS would affect how they would proceed with the surgery. NOT ONCE did he say he was going to hold off on anything until he heard the results from Cleveland. The way he left things with me was that he would discuss the injection vs. surgery routes with the surgeon and get back with me.

Fast forward three months to today – I finally realized exactly how long it had been with no word from the ortho clinic. The knee pain has been really kicking up a fuss with the bitterly cold temperatures and it’s been locking up a lot. I called up to the office and told the receptionist who I am and how long I have been waiting for word about what we were going to do and if the insurance authorized it. She pulled my file. Imagine my shock when she told me that the last note on my chart was “Treatment holding for neurologist report.” Are you freakin kidding me???? I told her that I had the neuro appointment two weeks after the ortho appointment (third week of October) and that everything came back clear. I also told her that the note was definitely NOT what he had told me. So here I am…. thinking there might have been some progress made and instead some little pre-pubescent-looking dude put my treatment on hold. I had hoped to get whatever it was going to be, done while Ben was on his winter layoff, in case it ended up going the surgery route. Ben goes back to work in two weeks.

This girl chuckled at my reaction (which I honestly don’t remember exactly what I said, but it wasn’t very kind about the doctor – may have called him Doogie, not sure) and said she would notate the chart as to the MS results being negative and get the chart to the nurse.

These people are lucky that their office is 45 minutes away…… Such is my life…… *sigh*

Let me know what you think! :)

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