My thoughts on the “terrorists” at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and more

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I try typically not to post anything “political” on this blog. However, I feel I must comment on this situation.

I have seen so many people calling the folks protesting in Oregon “terrorists” or saying they are traitors to the United States. To the liberal media and anyone calling them traitors, here’s my response. They are angry, like so very many of us, with the direction our country is heading. They are peaceably protesting in a vacant building that is at least 20 miles from the nearest center of population. They are not threatening to bomb a building or kill anyone. Yes, they are armed… for self-defense.

Why are they armed? Because our government has a bad history of killing groups of people who choose to stand for their rights. In particular, our forefathers wrote the 2nd amendment with the intent of allowing militias to form and for The People to have the ability to overturn despots (and yes, that includes our current POTUS) and to stand against anyone who attempts to rule or govern this nation in any way that is in direct contradiction to the U.S. Constitution. THIS is why gun owners and anti-gun control people are raising such a ruckus.

A gun grab is just the first step in the path of becoming a socialist country. Look at history. Look at how Russia became a socialist country. Look at how Hitler became the leader of Germany and how the Holocaust happened. Millions of people who were forced to give up their guns later had no way to defend themselves when the round-ups began.

Americans are standing up for their rights as provided by our U.S. Constitution, including the right NOT to serve time twice for the exact same “crime” (Double Jeopardy? Ring a bell?) and the left dubs these individuals as terrorists. The Hammonds served the time the judge ordered they serve. Then a federal judge decides they weren’t punished enough?? There was no additional charge, no additional guilty ruling. This is illegal.

Perhaps everyone needs to read the Constitution INCLUDING the Bill of Rights. No, it’s far easier to be sheeple and blindly follow this administration down the path of destruction that has been set in motion. Our Founding Fathers are turning in their graves at what has happened to this once great nation. We are becoming a nation that, if the left has its way, will be a socialist country on the same level as the Stalin and Lenin’s Soviet Union, Fidel Castro’s Cuba, Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy. Thanks to Obama, we now ALSO have the risk of radical Muslim terrorists entering our country, through open borders and as refugees that our own CIA and FYI admit they have no way of thoroughly vetting. And THAT’S what the real fear factor should be.

I am frightened when I think about the type of world our children will be growing up in if we don’t make our voices be heard. I cry over the idea that OUR America and the ideals with which this great nation has stood for over 200 years is being torn apart by a man in the White House who thinks he’s a king and can make any law he chooses with a pen and the flick of his wrist. This is exactly why our government was created with three branches of government. To prevent this from happening, one person having absolute control of our country. Yet, the Supreme Court seems to be firmly planted in Obama’s pocket and for some reason, our Legislators refuse to take a stand. The checks-and-balance system is not being used as intended.

The people at that wildlife refuge surely must feel the same way I do. They are not terrorists. They are not traitors. They are Americans who are taking a stand for what is right… and what is American. For our way of life. Face it, America is no longer the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. We The People have become We The Sheeple. How utterly heartbreaking is that?

Let me know what you think! :)

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