NFL Players Spit on the Armed Forces



So glad that I am no longer a diehard NFL fan. This crap of taking a knee in protest pisses me off so bad. When you refuse to stand for the National Anthem in front of the American flag, you are spitting on the memory of all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and the freedom we have. You want to protest something, find another way without pissing on the men and women who served or are serving in the Armed Forces. You want to protest injustices and inequalities, whether real or imagined, go back to the ghettos and neighborhoods and do some good. Whining about it and disrespecting America while you make millions of dollars is bullshit. Put your money where your mouth is.

My father LIED about his age to enlist during WWII because he felt he had to do his duty. He served in the Navy in the Phillipines where he contracted malaria. After his tour of duty, he then joined the Army and was stationed in Germany during the Occupation. He was involved in hand-to-hand combat while there and killed a man who decided to come at him with a gun while he was guarding a US radio nest. This affected him terribly. Before enlisting, he had plans to become a Catholic priest. After the war, he no longer wanted to.

Every generation of my family has had someone(s) serve in EVERY war that America has been in. And before that, my ancestors fought in the wars and battles in Scotland for freedom. As a descendant of all these amazing people, I am offended and pissed that you dare to disrespect their sacrifices. I will be boycotting all the games until this childish behavior stops.

All you NFL, NBA, and MLB players…. this is who you are honoring when you STAND for our flag and anthem. Neither represent racism or whatever else you want to whine about. They do not represent OUR President. They represent those who made the sacrifice to serve to protect and defend this great country and its citizens, including you. These people have given you the continued right to protest and to speak freely. How about you do something constructive on YOUR OWN TIME if you feel there are injustices in our country? Donate your time or some of that money (that we pay you for entertainment) to a good cause. But no, it’s easier to hide in the locker room, take a knee, or throw up that black power fist. Cowards.

I think every player who disrespected our anthem and flag should be taken over to the Middle East so they can experience firsthand what our service men and women deal with on a daily basis protecting YOUR freedom.

And if you don’t agree with me, don’t bother to comment. I will delete all BS comments.

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