Out of the Mouths of Babes! A Discussion about the Clintons


Both kids were home last month on a snow day. I love teaching history without sharing my political views. And anyone who knows me KNOWS it’s not often that you can strike me speechless. Well, Chrissy did it.

Chrissy: Who is Hillary Clinton?
(I bit my tongue and gave my answer a lot of thought.)
Me: She used to be the First Lady, then a Senator from New York, then the Secretary of State, who may be running for president in the next election.
(I am crossing my fingers that she doesn’t)
Chrissy: Who is her husband?
Me: Bill Clinton
Chrissy: When was he president?
Me: Back in the 90’s.
Chrissy got real quiet.
Chrissy: Was he president before Bush?
Me: Which one do you mean?
She gave me a real quizzical look
Chrissy: There’s more than one?
Me: Yes, H.W. and DubYa
Chrissy: Which one was before Obama?
Me: Dubya
Chrissy: Which Bush was better?
(I’m already starting to giggle inside, but trying to keep a straight face. Let’s face it, we have Clinton and the word “bush” in the same conversation. My mind is BOUND to go there.)
Me: I believe H.W. was a better President than Dubya.
Chrissy: Why?
Me: Because H.W. had a brain and more common sense than his son.
She looked completely shocked!
Chrissy: You mean Dubya is his SON???
Me: Yes, baby girl, he is.
Then out of nowhere, she asked me…… “So Clinton was between the two Bushes?” I literally snorted coffee out of my nose as the image of Monica, Bill, and Hillary (you guess the rest) popped into my head. And you know what I heard in my head? Bill saying in his best Matthew McConaughey voice “Well, alright, alright, alright…..”

Pretty sure my sinuses are now scalded.

Out of the mouths of babes…. I am so grateful she doesn’t have a dirty mind yet. LOL

Let me know what you think! :)

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