Outsmarted by a cat… True story!

I got outsmarted by a 3 year old cat last night!

Every night, the kids go to bed at 8. Moose knows as soon as they go to bed, that it’s his “nom nom” time. Snacks. Well, at 7:30, he’s over at the cupboard where they are kept meowing and talking and rubbing. I told him it’s not time yet and sat down on the couch.

Kids went to bed at their normal time. Neither Ben or I got up to give him his snacks. He has a shoebox that my sneakers came in. It’s one of those with the hinged lid. Someone closed the box. So Moose started using his nose to try to flip the lid open. Being the good mommy, I got up to open his shoebox so he can lay in it. He stood there looking all concerned at the box like his poor little heart was broken. I got halfway to the box and he took off like a shot for the snack cupboard like “Hey, Mom…. While you’re up…..”

I think the little brat had it planned. I got played by a cat. LMAO


Let me know what you think! :)

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