Why Snow Is My New Best Friend

Okay, I promise I will never bitch and moan about snow again. In fact, snow may be my new best friend. Freezing rain and ice are still fair game though. I got taken out AGAIN. I was running errands this morning in the hopes of beating the freezing rain that was moving in sometime this morning. I didn’t quite make it. Came out of Wal-Mart to, yep, you guessed it, freezing rain. The parking lot was just starting to get a little slippery. Since my idiot light was on kindly letting me know that my Jeep was running on fumes, I decided to bop across the street to Sheetz and get gas. Oh boy…. talk about a skating rink. They hadn’t plowed all the snow out and what was left had compacted down and then add the ice on top of that…. wheeeeeee….. But still, I made it into and out of the building like a boss, not slipping once. Made it across town without sliding once. I was pretty darn proud of myself. Until…….

I pulled into the driveway. Now keep in mind, over the summer, Ben and I “cleaned” our storage shed and anything we didn’t need right then that was big, we put under the porch. Guess where our salt is? It’s not like we need it or anything. Our driveway is clear since Ben shoveled us out after the snow that rolled through. It just looked wet. Well, I WAS WRONG. I stepped one foot out onto the cement and…. you ever see those cartoons from the old days where one of the characters slipped on a banana peel and starts pinwheeling his arms and legs trying to stay upright? Yeah, that was me. It didn’t work for me either.


Thank goodness I have lots of padding in the ass area. I think the only thing that got hurt was my pride.

But I still had to unload my Jeep. Ever try walking across a sheet of ice with about 20 lbs of groceries? Good times. *sigh*

And this episode of “Just Another Day in GrahamLand” has been brought to you by…….


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